FLEET Celebrates Day Of The Seafarer

FLEET Celebrates Day Of The Seafarer
Nikhil Jitendran
Manager, Corporate Communications
Published 05 Jul 2024

On 25 JuneFleet Management celebrated International Day of the Seafarer. The annual observance pays tribute to the vital role that seafarers play in supporting global trade and the development of nations and economies around the world.

It is an important opportunity to thank our more than 27,000 seafarers for their expertise, skills, and dedication to duty each year. 

The health, safety, and wellness of our seafarers remains at the core of our operational ethos, and we all share a responsibility to keep our people safe. In recognition of this year’s theme, Safety Tips at Sea, seafarers aboard over 300 of our vessels were encouraged to share their best posters and artwork that displayed essential safety messages. Celebrations and special refreshments were served in ports and onboard vessels too.

On shore, FLEET offices hosted celebrations for employees and seafarers including China, Cyprus, India, Philippines, Singapore, Turkey and the UAE. In a company-wide townhall led by our Hong Kong headquarters, FLEET’s senior leaders reinforced the tantamount importance of safety on all FLEET ships and highlighted FLEET’s ongoing efforts and progress to keep our people safe.

In India and the Philippines, FLEET public awareness campaigns highlighted the significant contribution of local seafarers in each community, as well as FLEET’s enduring commitment to seafarer safety. These included citywide advertising takeovers and partnerships such as a special broadcast by RedFM India’s popular radio host RJ Maliksha from FLEET’s Andheri office. In China, our team organised a gathering of seafarers, their families and clients which included games, food, and special sports matches. Thank you to all who participated.

As reported in our Encompass Responsibility Report 2023, FLEET continues to promote mental and physical health on board through activities such as social days and sporting events. Last year, we exceeded our targets last year by running 16 safety campaigns on ships and 12 Tea Talk sessions for seafarer families. We also ensure adequate comfort and safety for our female seafarers through the design of special PPE kits. We are especially proud of our FLEET Care team who have delivered more than 434 training sessions on our behaviour-based safety program and over 50 sessions of our psychological safety and well-being training.

At FLEET, we salute the brave men and women for their contributions and are committed to protecting their well-being and safety.