Spotlight on FLEET India: Supporting our seafarers and their families

Spotlight on FLEET India: Supporting our seafarers and their families
Deepak Correa
Chief Operating Officer, FLEET India
Published 14 Dec 2022

At FLEET India, we believe in caring for each other the FLEET way. We have a shared passion for growing as a team and drawing on our strengths to do everything in our power to support our seafarers and their families. In 2022, we ran multiple initiatives to engage, celebrate and support our community.

Recognising our new Captains and Chief Engineers

Our FLEET Care team began congratulating seafarers promoted to Captains and Chief Engineers through a ceremony in the office, including presenting epaulettes.

We know that in addition to having a good salary, a friendly work environment and opportunities to grow, everyone wants to feel appreciated. Reward and recognition play a major role in attracting and retaining talent within an organization – this not only acts as a morale booster but also promotes the 3Ps – Productivity, Positivity and Promotion.

FLEET Family Support Groups (FFSG)

The FLEET Family Support Groups (FFSGs) originated from the concept of supporting each other in a community, where one draws on their expertise and experience to help another. We prepared a database categorising the members into groups based on their professional experience and made different FFSGs for different regions.

This idea was conceptualised following an incident where a Second Officer’s wife and their one-year-old needed urgent medical assistance, and there was no one available from the family to assist. Our FLEET Care team reached out to other seafarers’ families in the vicinity, and then our Liaison Manager contacted the hospital directly and made all necessary arrangements to support them in their time of crisis.

Some key benefits of these FFSGs include:

  • Information sharing
  • Offering emotional support
  • Suggesting solutions to different issues
  • Improving skills to cope with challenges
  • Learning about health, economic or social resources

Tea Talks

Families can sometimes be unaware of the kind of support and care we offer every seafarer from their sign-on, sign-off and throughout his or her tenure onboard. To ensure family members are fully briefed, we invite them to Tea Talk sessions to explain the various initiatives focused on promoting the general well-being of our seafarers and their families.

This year we hosted Tea talk sessions in Mumbai, Chandigarh and Chennai, with Kochi and Gurugram to follow next. The sessions provided an opportunity for seafarers’ families to visit our offices and bond with our teams ashore over cups of tea, laughter and some quality conversations.


Monthly Town Halls

Starting from the second quarter of 2022, we hosted FLEET India Town Hall meetings every month for our onshore staff to communicate our priorities, hear from our colleagues and promote teamwork and collaboration.

As we look to 2023, we will continue our laser focus on championing the holistic well-being of our seafarers – from supporting their physical and mental health and career development, as well as taking care of their families.