Digital innovation

Digital innovation
Published 11 May 2022

Digital innovation is changing the maritime industry. We recognize that technology offers tremendous business benefits and strengthens our role as a strategic partner to our customers.

Almost 20 years ago we introduced our award-winning ERP platform, PARIS. We have invested to build upon our existing PARIS technology platform because even after twenty years it is still fit-for-purpose; perhaps more today than ever before. The next generation, PARIS 2.0, is a digital ecosystem of products and services we have built in-house to seamlessly integrate digital technology and data analytics into our existing ship management operations.

In October 2021 we launched the first product under the PARIS 2.0 ecosystem called SafeView, a mobile application which enables our teams to conduct and generate fully digitalized vessel inspection reports. The first edition of SafeView got off the ground thanks to funding from the Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS) launched by the Government of the Hong Kong SAR Government, a scheme aimed at supporting private sector investment in R&D. After testing and trials, we forged ahead with the development of a full-scale application with the idea that it would comprise a full suite of inspection and audit-related services.

With this capability our inspections go beyond statutory requirements and are benchmarked against the highest industry standards ensuring full optimization of our fleet’s performance and compliance with safety and environmental standards.

Whereas vessel inspections previously relied on multiple, manual data entry points, with SafeView all inspection data is directly input into the app and automatically shared with the relevant shore-based and offshore personnel. One of the key results is improved performance reporting and the ability to analyze data in real-time from which recommendations can be made to ensure the safe condition of a vessel and meet shipowners’ increasing need to better track and measure their safety and environmental compliance. A systematic scoring system gives shipowners full transparency and consistency of their vessel performance – enabling more effective technical and operational decisions.

With the SafeView platform we can run different types of inspections and cover auditing services performed by our QMS team, including ISPS internal audits, Navigation audits, and others. SafeView is now available on both Android and iOS and is fully integrated with our PARIS 2.0 ecosystem.

We are also piloting NOVA, the data analytics platform of our PARIS 2.0 ecosystem that will provide data-driven insights to our shore-based staff and customers. In addition to dashboards on vessel performance to monitor data such as emissions and fuel consumption, we have also integrated NOVA Navigation powered by Wartsila FOS, allowing for insights on navigational elements. NOVA has the capability to provide an ever-growing range of data insights utilizing machine learning to provide predictive capabilities. This allows for better operational decision making – by harnessing the data we store and presenting it in a way to help make informed decisions. We expect a full-scale rollout of NOVA in 2022.

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