Fleet Management unveils digitized vessel inspection reporting capability as part of next-gen PARIS 2.0 digital ecosystem

Fleet Management unveils digitized vessel inspection reporting capability as part of next-gen PARIS 2.0 digital ecosystem
Published 19 Oct 2021
  • Raises the bar for vessel technical performance, safety, and environmental compliance
  • Enables company to quickly adapt to ever-changing risk and regulatory environment and keep pace with latest technology and systems onboard

Fleet Management, a leading third-party ship management company today announced the launch of its SafeView mobile application featuring an enhanced and fully digitised vessel inspection reporting capability. This is the first application built on the brand-new foundations of FLEET’s PARIS 2.0 ecosystem, the next-generation of its award-winning PARIS technology platform.

Whereas vessel inspections previously relied on multiple, manual data entry points, with SafeView all inspection data is directly input into the app and automatically shared with the relevant onshore and offshore personnel. One of the key results is improved performance reporting and the ability to analyse data in real-time from which recommendations can be made to ensure the safe condition of a vessel and meet shipowners’ increasing need to better track and measure their safety and environmental compliance. A systematic scoring system gives shipowners full transparency and consistency of their vessel performance – enabling more effective technical and operational decisions. In addition, the data captured from SafeView can be used by NOVA – the data analytics platform of PARIS 2.0 – which makes use of machine learning and predictive analytics to prevent incidents, accidents, and failures on board ships.

Building on the first edition of SafeView, a project that received funding from the Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS) launched by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“HKSAR Government”) to support private sector investment in R&D, FLEET has significantly expanded the scope with full integration to PARIS 2.0. After testing and trials, FLEET forged ahead with the development of a full-scale application that comprises its entire suite of inspection and audit-related services. The inspection questionnaire goes beyond statutory requirements having been benchmarked against the highest industry standards, such as the OCIMF Vessel Inspection Questionnaire, Port State Control Codes, and FLEET’s PMS, putting FLEET in a leading position as far as ensuring full optimization of a vessel’s performance, safety, and environmental compliance. A standardised and easy-to-use tool, SafeView produces a thorough inspection for any vessel type, from oil and chemical tankers to dry bulk carriers and container ships and supports remote inspections if required without compromising the quality of data or findings.

Digitising the inspection process puts FLEET on a journey of continuous improvement and innovation to optimize the performance and operational excellence of the 600+ vessels currently under its technical management. With around 1,000+ vessel inspections completed every six months the company is committed to reviewing and updating its inspection knowledge and process in tandem. This means SafeView can be easily updated and be current with the technology, systems, and features onboard newly built vessels, and adapt inspection content to be in line with the latest policies and regulations.

Kishore Rajvanshy, Managing Director of Fleet Management, shared: “We’ve invested to build upon our existing PARIS technology platform because even after twenty years it is still fit-for-purpose; perhaps more today than ever before. SafeView is the first fully digitised product in our PARIS 2.0 ecosystem and represents the beginning of our much broader, more long-term vision to seamlessly integrate digital technology and data into our existing operations and capability to drive efficiency and create new value for our customers. As a leading ship management company, I believe having a proven digital capability only serves to strengthen our role as a strategic partner to our customers.”

Angad Banga, Chief Operating Officer of The Caravel Group (the parent company of Fleet Management) has been leading the Group’s digital strategy: “We have seen technology disrupt and drive radical change in many other traditional industries and sectors, and we are already witnessing technology influence the maritime sector in many ways. Technology has a lot to offer if you know how to integrate it into your business in a way that is complementary and enhances what you already have while having the flexibility to adapt as things change. Our approach is to leverage technology advancements to build upon our existing strengths, expertise and capabilities and ensure the service and value we offer our customers is relevant, competitive, and future-proof.”

The SafeView vessel inspection module has successfully completed a pilot phase and is now deployed across FLEET’s operation. The auditing module is currently in development and slated to launch by the end of 2021 alongside PARIS’ flagship data analytics platform, NOVA.