Captain Azad’s black and white stories

Captain Azad’s black and white stories
Amrita Nandini Biswas
Digital Marketing Manager
Published 21 Feb 2020

“My father used to tell me what you see, and feel are all in your head. When you die, your memories die with you. You must figure out a way to keep them alive forever so others can see, understand and learn from them,” says Captain A K M Azad, who has been with FLEET for over ten years. “My father’s words stayed with me. I decided to become a photographer so I can tell my stories through my pictures and make them live forever.”

Currently onboard CELSIUS MEXICO, Captain Azad says he is essentially a street photographer and likes to tell his stories in black and white.

Having spent a good number of years and most of his childhood in Chittagong, a port city in Bangladesh, he decided to command ships very early on in his life. “The harbour was very near to where I lived. I often used to go there with my father and spend hours watching ships sail by. My dream to someday become a Captain started thereon. To be out there in the ocean, navigating the stars – I found it quite romantic.”

The Captain thinks seafaring is a great profession and enjoys it thoroughly. He says “The scope of improvement is limitless. All you need are personal effort and willingness.” He adds, “Shipping industry is becoming tougher and more challenging by the day with stricter compliance and regulations. However, as seafarers, we are ready to take up the challenges and address them head-on”.

He admits he loves working for FLEET, especially his tech team onshore that is like a family to him. He hopes to never leave this company.

Back home in Bangladesh, Captain Azad has a lovely family with a wife who is a Gynaecologist and two kids. His father has been a tremendous inspiration in his life. He says, “My father taught me the importance of humanity. He inspires me to become a better human being every day”.

His photography book titled ILLUSION OF DESTINY got published last year and is available in Bangladesh. It is a compilation of vivid black and white imageries that tell the colourful stories of the people in his country. If you want to get a copy, do get in touch with him at