Yes, women can!

Yes, women can!
Amrita Nandini Biswas
Digital Marketing Manager
Published 21 Nov 2019

Meet Captain Gülden Güngör, currently working as a Marine Superintendent in FLEET Turkey.

Captain Gungor’s sailing career spans over 11 years, during which, she worked aboard different kind of vessels including chemical and product tankers. She started as a cadet and went on to become a Captain in 2013. “I sailed as a Master for 4 years. It was a period of hard work, but I am grateful for the experience as it led me to the path I am today.”

When asked if she had faced any challenges as a female Captain, she says, “Gender has never been a problem for me. It is true, in this field, female representation is very less. However, I always felt I have worked with decent and professional people in a good working environment.”

Her advice to young women who want to pursue a career at sea: “It may seem like a big challenge, but I believe it is rewarding to succeed in a job where you are least expected to succeed. There will be obstacles, as there are in all jobs, but you should be strong and zero in on getting the job done. If a woman wants something, there is nothing she cannot do.”