Kush Shorey, Chief Officer, tops all India Master’s written exam

Kush Shorey, Chief Officer, tops all India Master’s written exam
Published 11 Apr 2019

“I focused primarily on the course materials provided by Applied Research International (ARI) and some consulting notes,” says Kush.

“My advice to other candidates: Study each topic and solve past 10-year test papers.” When asked how he feels about working for Fleet, he looks back, “I joined Fleet in 2008 as a cadet . It turned out to be the best decision of my life. I could not have asked for a more positive workplace.

The guidance from my Mentors and Seniors here has been instrumental in my career journey so far.” When asked about his biggest challenge, Kush confides, “Since I could not clear my chiefmates exam in the first attempt, my biggest challenge in preparing for the Master ’s exam was to stop doubting myself. So, I assessed my areas of improvement during the past exams and worked on them. I also followed a timeline to ensure I had enough time for revision and not get too overwhelmed towards the end. One more thing that helped me: I took breaks and participated in activities to continually refresh my mind. These breaks helped me clear my mind and concentrate better.” Kush joined Fleet as a Cadet on 28 August 2008 and his first vessel was Chemical Tanker Vidden.

Aside from sailing, he shares a passion for music and cricket. In fact, he plays for Fleet Delhi Cricket Team whenever he is back home from sailings. Back home, he also has two strong ladies, his mother and wife, supporting him in his journey.