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Chemical and gas tankers managed by FLEET

We currently manage over 105 chemical and gas tankers ranging from 6,000 dwt to 33,000 dwt. Our size of the tanker fleet not only reflects the confidence our customers have in our ability to handle difficult cargoes, but also the trust charterers have in us to carry these cargoes without incident. This trust is also a consequence of the care and attention our tanker team gives to the part it plays in the global chemicals distribution sector.

The chemicals industry has evolved rapidly over the past 30 years, and today there are more than 1,000 different types of chemicals being shipped by sea. We closely work with the chemicals industry in sharing specifications. We supply each tanker with software detailing on each chemical’s requirements as well as dedicated electronic equipment.

Training the crew in all aspects of handling specialist cargoes is vital. We require all crew to be proficient in tank cleaning and train through simulation. Our crew training for tankers is all-encompassing has a special focus on Chief Officers. Our use of the crews’ own knowledge of the cargo and the best-available software gives us a chemicals-handling capability few others can match. That’s why our tanker operations team are ready to take on new chemicals, such as biofuels, and new types of ship, such as Shell’s larger 25,000dwt chemical tankers coated with new advanced polymers to aid tank cleaning.

We are active and proud members of the Chemical Distribution Institute’s technical committee – a chemical industry organisation that constantly works to improve the safety, security and quality of marine transportation and chemical storage.