> 80
container vessels managed by FLEET

We manage over 80 container vessels, ranging from 950 TEU to state of the art 20,388 TEU, including 13 ULCVs with an average age much below the global average, and a total dead-weight tonnage over 5,780,216.

At FLEET, we understand the enormous pressure owners, operators and stakeholders face to ensure timely arrivals and departures of these specialised ships. In addition to the robust processes we have in place, we have tailor-made courses that our crew undergoes to ensure safe sailings. These include simulator courses for these navigational officers and special modules for Electrical officers on Reefer container maintenance. Onshore monitoring by our Dry Cargo operations team on matters such as stability, stowage plans, lashing with a special focus on DG, OOG, and Reefer containers provide an additional layer of security.

This, along with our distinctive technical management, ensures no time is lost to maintenance or unplanned off-hires to increase the earning potential of a vessel.