Our 29-year journey rides on the passion of over 27,000 seafarers and 1,000 onshore professionals. Today, we are one of the largest independent third-party ship management companies managing over 650 diverse types of vessels.

Headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, China, we operate on a global scale having 27 offices in 12 countries. Our client base spans over 100 world-class ship owners, including Fortune 500 companies from China, Greece, India, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and the USA, among others.

From 1 to 650+ ships across diverse ship types, our journey has been completely organic and driven by the passion of hundreds of shore colleagues and thousands of seafarers. We have learnt from each other, grabbed every opportunity we could, and moulded our 25-year success story, step by step. Kishore Rajavanshy
Managing Director
Fleet Management Limited

More about us

Fleet Management Limited is a proud subsidiary of The Caravel Group Limited.

The Caravel Group Limited, headquartered in the Hong Kong SAR, is a diversified global conglomerate focused on the provision of leading maritime services, the trading and logistics of industrial dry bulk raw materials, investment management activities and strategic asset ownership. Through our multiple operating units, we provide value-added solutions in distinct – but complementary – areas, while focusing on identifying and capitalising on selected opportunities within each.

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