Launched in 2001, our cloud-based monitoring system, PARIS is ahead of the curve even today. PARIS lets you get real-time data on every aspect of your vessel’s performance, condition, operating cost, and crew details.

We will steadily be rolling out across our entire fleet, a next-generation and state-of-the-art vessel management solution providing industry-first data analytics and visualisation tools, in addition to providing fully integrated ship-to-shore procurement, planned maintenance and inventory controls, which we believe does not exist within the industry today.

As our first step to new heights of digitalisation within the industry, we have released Safe View, an interactive, mobile and web-based measurement, reporting and analytical software-as-a-service to enhance the quality, safety and compliance standards of vessels. This solution has revolutionised a traditionally manual, and paper-based process within the industry.

in the industry to launch an online ship monitoring system - PARIS

Vessel management

We manage the largest number of chemical tankersmedium-range tankers, geared bulk carriers and ultra-large container vessel (ULCVs) in the world.

The size of our fleet speaks volumes about the confidence our customers have in our ability to operate complex vessels, handle difficult cargoes and carry them without incident.

manager in chemical tankers, medium-range tankers, geared bulk carrier and ULCVs


For us, safety is a way of life. We rank 1st in PSC inspections with an 81% NIL deficiency rating. At the annual Hong Kong Flag sponsored Maritime Awards in May 2019, we were lauded with the ‘Best Performing Ship Management Company in Port State Control Inspection’ for the 8th time.

We were the 1st to launch a behavioural-based SafeR+ programme in 2010, which has helped us reduce incidents by 76% since launch.

in PSC inspection ranking with 81% NIL deficiency