As a premium ship management company, we are committed to bring positive impact to society and the environment, while creating long-term economic and social value for all our stakeholders. We strive to be an employer of choice with a reputation as a responsible brand that our customers and business partners trust to uphold the highest ethical standards.
Our Sustainability Strategy is built upon a Responsibility Framework with five key focus areas which go hand in hand with the vision and purpose of our leadership. It also aligns with ten of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), where we believe our initiatives and future plans will help shape a more sustainable world.

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The five focus areas of our Responsibility Framework:

Culture and People

With a community of more than 24,000 seafarers and some 1,000 shore-based professionals one thing is clear: we value our human capital. We are focused on supporting the success and development of our people and creating an inclusive and supportive working environment for our talent to thrive.

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Each of us and our organisations is stewards for the future. We are each tasked with leaving the world a better place than that which we inherited. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our world today, preventing this. We will continue to stay committed to robust climate action involving decarbonisation of the maritime industry, and a collective, industry-led approach to zero emissions. We need to invest for the future and now is the time. Harry Banga
Chairman and CEO
The Caravel Group

Health and Safety

We strive to create a safe and healthy working environment for our people from ship to shore. The safety of our seafarers and minimizing accidents onboard is our top priority and we achieve this goal through training, and robust processes and safety management systems.

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Conduct and Compliance

We aim to be the partner-of-choice to our customers by providing high quality, reliable and responsible value-added services and solutions. We are committed to the highest ethical standards that set the foundation for us to grow and build customer trust.

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Environmental Stewardship

As an environmentally responsible company, we are committed to supporting the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) and other environmental requirements, complying with applicable marine environmental protection requirements, improving energy efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our managed vessels.

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As a responsible corporate citizen, it is important that we invest in the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. We care deeply about the health of our communities, and we support organisations and initiatives through corporate contributions and long-term partnerships driven primarily through The Caravel Foundation (the charitable arm of our parent company, The Caravel Group).

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