The Caravel Group’s sustainability strategy, Encompass, reflects the global nature of our business activities and the resulting impact and engagement we have with economies, people and environments across the world.
Recognizing that we are all interconnected, our Encompass strategy outlines our priorities and vision for an interdependent future that considers all our stakeholders. Encompass consists of four distinct pillars – **Navigating Responsibly**, **Evolving Environmental Stewardship**, **Safeguarding People** and **Working Together** – that enable us to manage the sustainability issues that are most material to our business.

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There are four key pillars within our Encompass sustainability strategy:

Navigating Responsibly

From adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct to championing state-of-the-art innovation – we are committed to working responsibly to build a sustainable future for our business and broader society. Our robust governance practices ensure that responsible conduct is integrated across all levels of our operations, including in our relationships with partners and suppliers. We have a zero-tolerance approach towards all forms of unethical behaviour. We also seamlessly integrate digital technology and data analytics into our operations, improving accountability and efficiency to create shared value.

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Each of us and our organisations is stewards for the future. We are each tasked with leaving the world a better place than that which we inherited. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our world today, preventing this. We will continue to stay committed to robust climate action involving decarbonisation of the maritime industry, and a collective, industry-led approach to zero emissions. We need to invest for the future and now is the time. Harry Banga
Chairman and CEO
The Caravel Group

Evolving Environmental Stewardship

We manage our environmental impacts by promoting the responsible sourcing and consumption of resources and implementing a sound monitoring system to measure our activities. Our policies and initiatives prioritize increasing resource efficiency and reducing emissions, while moving towards the adoption of greener fuel alternatives together with industry partners. Our main focus in managing materials and waste is to ensure responsible procurement and consumption as we take into account impacts on water quality, biodiversity and resource depletion.

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Safeguarding People

Understanding that our business is only as resilient as our people, we prioritize the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and seafarers. We make every effort to nurture our people, and we have a range of initiatives to support their physical and mental health, and overall wellbeing. We are particularly proud of our comprehensive occupational health and safety systems, insurance provisions, and our dedicated FLEET Care team for seafarers and their families. Read our Human Rights policy here.

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Working Together

We are committed to driving shared value for our stakeholders — from our people to our clients, partners and community members — to achieve a better future for all. We ensure our people are treated fairly and with respect, and are committed to fostering a culture that nurtures talent and helps individuals develop their full potential. The Caravel Foundation is our Hong Kong-registered charity dedicated to improving the education and wellbeing of underprivileged children primarily in Hong Kong SAR, mainland China and India.

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