Published 25 May 2023

A picture is worth a thousand words. In the lead-up to the Day of the Seafarer, we are running a photography competition for our seafarers and onshore employees.

Whether you are a seasoned photographer, or simply enthusiastic about taking great photos, we invite you to submit your entries to our FLEET Photography Competition 2023 titled RESPONSIBLE SHIPPING: DOING IT RIGHT THE FLEET WAY.

There are four categories with a total prize value of USD7,000:

1. Environment: At FLEET, we are committed to managing our environmental footprint responsibly.

Capture images that portray our commitment to supporting MARPOL and other environmental requirements – for example, showcasing eco-friendly ships, energy-efficient propulsion systems, a clean marine environment and biodiversity. The rest we leave to your imagination!


2. Health, safety and well-being: At FLEET, we put our people’s health, safety and wellbeing at the forefront.

Capture moments that showcase our safety culture onboard ships, clean and modern offices, training sessions and more.

3. People and culture: At FLEET, our people are at the heart of what we do. We learn from each other and pave our journey together step by step.

Capture moments that represent our strong team bonds, work culture, diversity, equity and inclusion, and more.

4. Digital innovation: Innovation has been a key driver of success for FLEET and the value we bring to our customers.

Capture images that showcase how we use technology and innovation to streamline our processes and deliver environmentally sustainable solutions.

The competition is open from Thursday 25 May to Saturday 17 June.

So, get your phones and cameras out, let your imagination soar, tell us your visual narratives creatively, and win great cash prizes. Good luck!

Competition rules and how to enter

  • The competition is open to all FLEET onshore employees and seafarers.
  • You can submit up to three photographs per category, i.e., 3 X 4 = 12 photographs in total. You can win a prize in more than one category.
  • The photographs must be original and taken by you.
  • The images must be high resolution (at least 300dpi) and at least 1MB. Each image must not exceed 10MB.
  • The photographs must not have date, mobile phone brand name or other stamps on them.
  • You must complete and sign the FLEET Release Statement granting FLEET the rights to use your image(s).
    Download The FLEET Release Statement.
  • The photographs, along with the signed FLEET Release Statement, must be submitted via email to comms@fleetship.com with the subject line “Responsible Shipping Photo Competition”. You must clearly state in the email body which category(ies) you are applying for. If the file sizes are too big to send in an email via attachments, you can upload your photographs and the signed FLEET Release Statement to https://wetransfer.com/ and email the WeTransfer link to comms@fleetship.com.

Judging process and winners’ announcement

  • 10 images will be shortlisted for each of the four categories by the FLEET Corporate Communications team and presented to an internal panel of judges.
  • The judges will select winners for first, second and third prizes for each category.
  • Winners and winning photographs will be announced and showcased on FLEET’s social media channels, website and intranet.

Judging criteria

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the theme of the competition
  • Technical quality (clarity, sharpness, lighting, and composition)
  • Creativity and originality
  • Impact and emotional appeal

Prizes for each category

First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Environment USD 1,000 USD 500 USD 250
Health, safety and well-being USD 1,000 USD 500 USD 250
People and culture USD 1,000 USD 500 USD 250
Digital innovation USD 1,000 USD 500 USD 250

Key dates

Call for entries: Thursday 25 May – Saturday 17 June
Winners will be announced in the week beginning Monday 26 June

Contact us

For any questions or further clarifications, write to comms@fleetship.com.


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