SafeR+ T-CUP program

SafeR+ T-CUP program
Published 11 May 2022

For more than a decade, FLEET’s flagship safety program SafeR+ has been the bedrock of our seafarer’s safety training and demonstrated proven results both in terms of safety performance onboard our vessels as well as cultivating a strong safety culture among our seafarers. This year, we developed a new component called T-CUP (Total Control Under Pressure) to further enhance and complement our SafeR+ program.

T-CUP looks at safety from a behavioral and mindset perspective having been designed to bring about an attitudinal shift in our seafarers. It incorporates psychological principles of modelling, positive reinforcement, and token economy to tap into and develop the inherent human potential to act in a safe manner for the benefit of the individual as well as for the collective group.

Maritime work, and more specifically, working onboard a ship comes with inherent safety hazards. Learning how to deal with situations while under pressure and still control emotions or feelings of anxiety is a level of selfawareness that is built into the mindset. Our belief is that once seafarers get their mindset right then safe behavior becomes second nature. It is on this basis that T-CUP was developed.

The T-CUP program involves a significant amount of training that helps participants dive deeper into understanding how factors like mental health, getting a good night’s rest, developing trust-based relationships, and sharing key learnings with our colleagues are all part and parcel of building a strong culture of safety onboard our vessels. The training material is robust in exploring these topics in detail using language and a narrative that is easy to understand and relatable for our seafarers.

Check out this blog post to learn more about our SafeR+ T-CUP safety program. Health and Safety is one of the five focus areas of our Responsibility Framework which guides our ESG strategy. Read more about our priorities and progress when it comes to Health and Safety or download our 2021 Responsibility Report.