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Fleet Management Limited


11/F Dah Sing Financial Centre
108 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2298-8300
Fax: +852 2528-1550
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Managing Director

Mr. K.S. Rajvanshy

Date of Establishment


Head Office

Fleet Management Ltd., Hong Kong

Branch Offices

  • Fleet Management Europe Ltd., London, U.K.
  • Fleet Ship Management Pte Ltd., Singapore
  • Fleet Management India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India
  • FML Ship Management Limited, Cyprus
  • Cosmos Shipping Services Inc., Houston

Crewing Offices in India

  • Elegant Marine Services Private Limited., Mumbai, India
  • Elegant Marine Services Private Limited., Delhi, India
  • Elegant Marine Services Private Limited., Kochi, India
  • Elegant Marine Services Private Limited., Kolkata, India
  • Elegant Marine Services Private Limited., Chennai, India
  • Elegant Marine Services Private Limited., Vizag, India
  • Elegant Marine Services Private Limited., Patna, India

Agency Office in Singapore

Ebony Ship Management Pte Ltd., Singapore

Training Institute in India

Fleet Management Training Institute, Mumbai

Crewing Office in Philippines

Fleet Management Services Philippines, Inc.

Crewing Office in China

Gold Fleet Shipping Co., Ltd.

Line of Business

Shipmanagement Service: Technical, Manning, Consultancy, Insurance, Ship Inspection, New Building Supervision, Special Projects.


The primary function of Fleet Management is to provide ship owners with safe ship operation and pollution prevention services, at the same time, ensuring optimum cost effective performance. A great deal of emphasis is given to ship board maintenance by fully qualified and efficient crew. To achieve this we have a well trained crew on board, qualified under STCW Convention, backed up by very experienced and professional shore based staff.


  • General Cargo vessels
  • Multipurpose vessels
  • Cellular Container vessels
  • Capesize, Panamax, Handy size and Open hatch bulk carriers
  • Reefer vessels
  • Chemical Tankers
  • Gas Carriers
  • Product Tankers
  • Crude Oil Tankers / VLCC
  • Ro-Ro Vessels
  • Pure Car Carriers


We have considerable experience in this field. To date we have taken delivery of the following new building vessels from shipyard

1997 One 45,000DWT open hatch bulk carrier from Polish yard and One 520,000 Cu.ft Reefer vessel from Japanese yard.
1998 One 530,000 Cu.ft Reefer vessel from Japanese yard.
1999 One 1000TEU Cellular Container vessel and One 12,000DWT Chemical tanker. Both vessels from Japanese yards.
2000 One 1000 TEU Cellular Container vessel and One 19,500DWT Chemical Tanker from Japanese yards and Three 1600TEU Cellular Container vessels from Korean yards.
2001 One 1600 TEU Cellular Container vessel from Korean yard and two 22, 000DWT Chemical tankers from Japanese yard.
2002 One 12,500 DWT Chemical tanker from Japanese yard.
2003 One 12,500DWT Chemical tanker from Japanese yard.
One 19,500 DWT Chemical tanker from Japanese yard.
One 25,000 DWT Chemical tanker from Japanese yard.
2004 Two 25,000 DWT Chemical tankers from Japanese yard.
2005 Three 53,000 DWT Handymax Bulk Carriers from Chinese yard.
One 25,000 DWT Chemical Tanker from Japanese yard
2006 Two 8,500 DWT Chemical Tanker from Japanese yard.
Three 53,000 DWT Handymax Bulk Carrier from Chinese yard.
2007 Two 53,000 DWT Handymax Bulk Carriers from Chines yard.
Three Chemical Tankers from Japanese yards.
One Handymax Bulk Carriers from Vietnamese yard.
2008 Two Handymax Bulk Carriers from Indonesian yard.
Five Chemical tankers from Japanese yards.
Four Container vessels from Chinese and Japanese yards.
Two Product tankers from Japanese yards.
Two Aframax tankers from Japanese yards.
Three gas tankers from Korean yards.
Four Bulk Carriers from Chinese and Japanese yards.
Two Pure Car Carriers from Japanese yards.

We were actively involved in the new building supervision for all the above vessels.

We are presently carrying out new building supervision of the following vessels:

2009 Four LOLO / RORO from Indian yards.
2010 Eight Baby Cape Bulk Carriers from Chinese yard


  1. Supply Sources Of Officers And Ratings, Crew Agencies, Fleet has established their own manning offices at Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Kolkata, Chennai and Vizag in India. In Philippines also we have established our own crewing office in December 1997. This company is called Fleet Management Services Philippines Inc. (FMSPI). We have also established a crewing office in Dalian, China. This company is called Gold Fleet Shipping Co. Ltd. Fleet recognizes the importance of having our own crewing source which has led to establishing our own offices in India, Philippines and China. The majority of our crewing requirements are fulfilled from India, where we invest funds for the training and upgradation of sea going staff. Over 70 pct of our staff is recruited from India.
  2. Recruiting System, Crew Selections: The officers and crew are selected on the basis of their competency, experience, good health and their conduct record. Under our policies, only those officers/crew who fulfill IMO STCW criteria are employed. This is achieved by an appraisal system.
  3. Training Or Briefing Before Embarkation: Training System For Employed Seafarers: We have our own training institute in Mumbai where we conduct short term refresher and familiarization courses for our officers, engineers and crew. Additionally, while on board, films / videos are shown and backed up by technical demonstrations and lectures. We have over 200 cadets in our service at any given time who are trained onboard to become officers in future. Cadets are required to undergo presea training of 12 weeks ashore prior to joining ships

    For the benefit of sailing staff and providing high quality training exercise, Fleet has also installed in its training institute at Nerul, Mumbai, a full-mission ship manoeuvring simulator with a field vision of 180 degrees and engine control room simulator, costing over half a million US dollars, far exceeding the international standards. Fleet is committed to employing well trained and quality sea going staff on all managed vessels.

  4. Crew Evaluation System And Personal Record: We maintain a very comprehensive personal record of our officers and crew (both in files and computers). The crew is evaluated by the head of the department and Master on board at 6 monthly intervals and also by the superintendents during the routine inspections.
  5. Policies Of Crews Safety And Health: Company policy is to give highest priority to the safety and health of crew on board vessels. Regular safety meetings are held on board in which importance of safety is emphasized.
  6. Alcohol/Drug Abuse Policy: Fleet has in force a policy for ensuring that the abuse of alcohol and drugs does not occur on board the ships.


  1. Maintenance Standard
    We have advanced computerized Planned Maintenance Systems such as AMOS-D, AMOS-W, TM-Master and our in-house developed PARIS PMS system on most of our vessels. The remaining ships have a manual card system. The above systems enable us to provide a shipowner with an efficient and reliable maintenance system which is highly cost effective. Our policy is to keep very high standard of maintenance onboard all our ships.
  2. Analysis Of Ship's Condition
    The vessel condition is closely analysed using our Computerised Vessel Monitoring System through the following reports from the vessels:
    1. Noon Reports, giving various machinery parameters twice a week while at sea.
    2. Daily Position Reports
    3. Work done reports - Weekly.
    4. Arrival-Departure messages.
    5. Voyage abstracts.
    6. Monthly L.O. reports.
    7. Quarterly Reports. Additionally we have routine report forms which ship sends monthly by mail.
    8. M/E Performance Reports.
    9. Cargo Gear Performance Reports.
    10. Monthly Technical Reports.
  3. Evaluation And Recording System Of Ship's Condition:
    The above reports are monitored at regular intervals when they arrive in the office. Any deficiencies and non-compliance are immediately attended to, so as to ensure that the vessel performance is satisfactory and that the vessel is in well maintained state and is complying at all times with IMO and Classification Societies rules and regulations.

Superintendents inspect each vessel at 3 monthly intervals and prepare an exhaustive inspection report, describing action required to attend various matters. Copies of reports are left with Master and Chief Engineer. This report forms an important tool in the follow-up of ship. The inspection reports are sent to Owners to keep them abreast of vessel’s maintenance and condition.


Company has a well compiled contingency plan for possible emergency situations which may represent a danger to personnel, ship or environment.

Seminars and mock drills are organized at regular intervals. Simulated disaster management exercises have been held to check efficiency of our Emergency Procedures and Response Plans.


By various Classification societies, as applicable.

Oil Major & Time Charterers
Our offices and systems are regularly audited by Oil Majors and Time Charterers with very good results.

Quality & Technical
The company has been successfully assessed by DNV in accordance with their SEP Rules and has been accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification and compliance with ISM code. All the ships in our management have already been audited for compliance with ISM code.

Various Principals are encouraged to carry out review of our technical services from time to time.

Accounts (Auditing Firms)
Ernst & Young, 10/F Tower 2, The Gateway, 25-27 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


The Company subscribes for various technical and management journals and papers. Also our technical superintendents are in day to day contact with Classification Society surveyors and suppliers/manufacturers and are encouraged to attend conference and seminars in order to broaden their experience. We hold regular in house presentations / seminars for our shore based staff.


The Fleet website provides the shipowners with the latest updated reports like noon reports, position reports, monthly & quarterly reports, arrival/departure reports, technical reports, surveys & certificates, crew list etc. at the click of button. Hard copies of all reports are provided to shipowners as per their individual requirements.

Seatrade Awards Shortlisted For: Investment in People